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  • Pass reaction Drill

    P1 will be passing with gk coach, at the call he will drop and play quick to P2 whichever side he moves to. 

    2 - P1 will be passing with Gk coach, at the call will come forward and play to P2 whichever side he moves to. 


    10 min

  • COE (SA) Boxes w/ Transfer + Finish


    • In order to advance the ball to Zone B, players must connect 4 passes or find a split pass between defenders in Zone A
    • In order to shoot, AT team must connect 4 passes or find a split pass between in Zone B
    • DF can score on mini goal in Zone A if...
      15 min

  • COE (SA) Technical Training -


    • Players must keep move the ball while avoiding the other teams
    • Teammate must be in a different quadrant in order to receive
    • After passing, player must move into a new quadrant
      • Players should recognize where their other teammates are and a...
        10 min

  • COE (SA) Team Rondo


    • Players maintain possession
      • 10-15 passes = Credit
    • Swap 3 defenders at a time
      • Player who made mistake + Player on Right and Left switch in
    • 4 x 3-minute rounds w/
    • Leg cycles in between sets (open...
      10 min

  • Shooting 3 position with Coloured Cones in the middle

    Center: back to the flag, you'll need to touch one of the cone (same colour the coach will tell you) , receive the ball, turn with one touch and shoot. 
    Side: start with the ball, go towards the flag and last second move the ball on the outside with one touch and then shoot.

    10 min

  • COE (SA) Conditioned Game: Penetrating Passes


    • Coach plays the ball in to initiate play
    • Flying 2v2 rules
    • Yellow cones represent offsides line
      • Players must be played into scoring area
      • 1 touch to score in scoring area (emphasizes weight and angle of pass)
    • 20 min

  • COE (SA) Pass to feet vs space w/ passive DF


    • Player Rotation: Server -> Defender (X) -> Attacker -> GK (D)
    • Server initiates pay by rolling the ball forward with sole of foot
    • Attacker checks wide to see Defender’s reaction:
      • DF marks loose = FINISH IN 2 TOUCH -- Server pl...
        15 min

  • COE (SA) Through Ball and Finish Technique


    • PASSER: Player in line initiates play by rolling ball with sole of the foot and play pass behind defender to allow teammate to finish on 1sttouch
    • FINISHER: When passer rolls ball with sole = cue to begin movement
      • Peel wide as teammate approaches (...
        15 min

  • Catch + high dive + distribution COMBO

    P1 will go and touch the cone, then quick adjust + Jump over the elastic to execute a high dive - P2 will start with a pass then go under elastic + control ball and shot on target (P3)

    10 min

  • Pass + Dive

    P1 and P2 will execute a pass + Sideways jump to execute a low dive. 

    10 min

  • Catch + dive

    P1 and P2 will start by the elastic, then execute a front volley + P1 will move under the elastic to execute a front scope, while P2 will go over the elastic to execute a front scope as well. 

    10 min

  • Air ball + 1V1 situation

    P1 will start behind the elastic, Jump over to catch an air ball between the dummies + Execute a low hand throw close to P2 to generate a 1v1 action. 

    10 min

  • COE (SA) WU - Pass Combination (AFC B License)


    Combo 1: A-B-C

    Combo 2: A-B-A-C-B

    Combo 3: A-C-B-C


    1.) Positioning

    2.) Vision

    3.) Quality

    4.) Timing

    15 min

  • Warm up drill

    1 - P1 will start between the sticks, execute a front volley + roll ball back to GK coach + shuffle to the side + Low pass and back to middle.


    2- Front scope + Air ball to the side + Shuffle to initial position

    3- Mid height pass + mid height dive 

    15 min

  • COE (SA) Flying 2's w/ NP


    • Play begins via dribble on
    • NP (yellow) must remain in central zone
    • CONDITION: combine with NP (assist/score = 2 pts)
    • Flying 2’s rules
      • Score = Stay on
    • 3 x 3-minute rounds; change NP each round

    15 min

  • COE (SA) - RWB 3v2


    • AT team (Blue) starts by dribbling on to start: 3v2
    • 5 seconds to break final line via pass or dribble
    • DF cannot defend pass final line
    • Final line = OFFSIDES LINE (Must be played in or dribble through)
    • 4 x 2-minute rounds; Swap ...
      20 min

  • COE (SA) - WU: RWB + Wall Pass

     PROCEDURE: RWB w/ Feint

    • RWB towards center cone which represents a defender and preformed designated skill move
    • Pass ball to next player on opposite side
    • Choose 2-3 feints (i.e. side-step, scissors, Ronaldo chop)
    • HAVE FINAL RELAY: 1stto comp...
      15 min

  • 2v2 + NP to dribble gates


    • Team in possession tries to dribble through gates to score
    • Players can utilize either bumper player to help retain possession and score
    • DF team tries to regain ball and score on opposite dribble gates
    • 1-minute rounds then change players15 min

  • Cross + Distribution drill

    P1 will jump over the hurdles + Front catch + Side skipping (adjust) + Air ball from GK coach + Roll ball to P3 who will execute a pass to P1 outside the goal + Short pass to the small goal or long ball to P4 over the goal

    15 min

  • WU - Ball Mastery + DF Approach & Body Position


    • DF (red) pass ball to AT (blue) and DF closes space quickly
    • AT dribbles from side to side (zig-zags) working on designated dribbling technique
    • As AT dribbles, the DF works on DF shape and jockeying
    • Switch roles after each rep10 min