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  • Passing Variation I
    Player A starts the drill with a diagonal pass to player C. He lays the ball off to player B who then plays a cross-field pass to D. Player D also hists a cross-field ball to player F who lays the ball off to player E. The drill ends with adiagonal pass from E to G. The sequence then starts a new ...
    20 min | 4.5

  • 1v1 defending skill intro

    Team A has 1 player who starts to attack the two goals while Team B has one player defending both goals and trying to win the ball. When the defender wins the ball, they can counter and score at the other end. Team A attacker becomes the defender against a attacking player from team B.

    25 min

  • Transfer action (Pass + Mov+ dive)

    P1 will be facing P2 - pass back and forward until coach call to action, then P1 will choose one side and go around the dummy to execute a dive, meanwhile P2 will attack an air ball from P3 or P4.

    15 min

  • Passing with Overlapping I
    Group A, B and C: Player C passes to B who passes to A and overlaps player A on the way towards the middle cone. Player A then passes to C who lays the ball off with his first touch in space for B to runs onto. After that C takes up A's position and B dribbles to the former position of D. Groups ...
    20 min | 3.0

  • Build Up Play

    8 v 7 

    20 min

  • Mała kreatywna gra 4x4 3(+1)x2(+1)

    W sytuacji kiedy zespół broniący przejmie piłkę stara się zagrać jak najszybciej do swojego zawodnika będącego za plecami drużyny która straciła piłkę. 

    15 min

  • Taktyczne rozbieganie na pozycjach

    Poruszanie się względem siebie z zachowaniem komunikacji pozycyjnej w zależności od tego gdzie jest zagrywana piłka.

    10 min

  • Flügelspiel - Tief attackieren


    20 min

  • Single Leg Jumps - Power Step - Shot Stopping

    1)Single Leg Jumps 

    2)Power Step - Low/High Shot

    01 min

  • COE (GT )- Warm Up: RWB + Pass + Agility

    (lanes can be used for dynamic at the start of training)



    Technical Warm Up with Non Reactive Agility integrated 



    - Players perfo...
    10 min

    COE (GT )- Warm Up: RWB + Pass + Agility
    Process:<p>(lanes can be used for dynamic at the start of training)</p> <p> </p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">OBJECTIVE:</span></p> <p>Technical Warm Up with Non Reactive Agility integrated </p> <p> </p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">PROCEDURE:</span></p> <p>...
    Training criteria:Training Set: Break
    Age: Any
    Duration: 10 min
    Number of Players: > 10 players
    Form of Training: Individual training
    Skill Level: Any
    Author: Cadiz

  • Winger Walk the Goal Line

    Once Wide attacker goes through the gate, he attempts to gain the goal line on the dribble. The defender sprints to and touches the single cone with his hand and turns to defend the wide attacker. Strikers attempt to get on the end of the service from the wide player.

    90 min | 4.0

  • COE (SA)1v1 w/ Dribble Gates


    • Player w/ ball tries to maintain possession and dribble through as many gates as possible
    • Partner tries to regain possession and dribbles through gates to score
    • 30 second round w/ 30 seconds rest
    • 2 Rounds per game (Alternate who starts w/...
      15 min

  • Body Conditioning

    20 seconds on each station

    10 seconds to get to the next station (Recovery run)

    3 minutes to get around the stations

    5 sets

    30 min | 4.0

  • Reaction drill (Pass + Reaction + Dive )

    1 - P1 and P2 Pass back and forw + Gk coach call, P1 must turn quick + Execute a quick front basket


    2 - P2 will send a ball thru P1 legs + P1 quick turn + Gk coach with 2 balls (hand/Feet) + P1 must react to either ball.

    15 min

  • Skills Exercise: Christmas Tree
    The players start from the four starting points and move right to the yellow cone, then left to the red cone with the ball at their feet. The players should turn in front of the cones, not behind the cones. Exercise 1: clip the ball with the instep in front of each cone. Exercise 2: clip the ball...
    30 min

  • Double One-Two I
    The blue player starts by passing to the blue player at the small cone who lays the ball off. The first blue player the passes with his first touch to the red player at the other small cone who also lays the ball back. The blue player then passes with his first touch to the players at the large cone...
    20 min | 5.0

  • Ball control main point I

    The players A pass to B who control the pass, encircle the cones and pass the ball to the players C. The players C control the pass in the movement and try to score a goal from the shooting line. After this all players change to the next position.

    20 min | 5.0

  • Variable Passing with Changing Positions II
    The players in possession start with their passes (see graphic). The players passing then run to take up the position of their team mates sidewards. There is always a straight pass and then a diagonal pass. The positions should be changed as quickly as possible.
    15 min

  • COE (SA) Technical Training -


    • Players must keep move the ball while avoiding the other teams
    • Teammate must be in a different quadrant in order to receive
    • After passing, player must move into a new quadrant
      • Players should recognize where their other teammates are and a...
        10 min | 5.0

  • off sit work wing/back

    midfielder starts the action, finding one of the 2 strikers, who does and oriented control to the left or right, which unblock to movement into the space of the other strikers which opens up the space for the back which will arriv eto the cross

    20 min