1v1 + trailer

  • Organisation

    two even teams, 40x10 area, 2 large goals. (30x10 w 2 small goals)

  • Process

    1v1+1 exercise. additional attacker must always play from behind and trail the play. if the attacker cannot bypass the defender he can use the trailer. trailer becomes the attacker and recreates the 1v1 scenario with a new trailer coming on from the end line.

    if the defender wins the ball he turns and plays the ball to his line and the 1v1 scenario begins in the opposite direction. a new trailer joins to create the 1v1+1. the attacker that lost the ball is now the defender.

    if the ball is lost out of touch, the GK starts with a new ball from the opposite side and the attacker becomes the defender in the 1v1+1.

    anytime a goal is scored the GK starts with a new ball and the trailer becomes the 1st defender and a new attacker comes on with a trailer.

  • Tip

    emphasis is primarily on the 1st defender and his role in the 1v1+1. transition moments are key as the 1st defender (or attacker) needs to take advantage of those moments.

  • Field size

    40x10 or 30x10 (SGs)

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


20 min

Author: Kevin Varnado

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