3v1/4v2 Passing (COE)

  • Organisation

    30m x 20m

    2 small goals

    3 zones

    markers, bibs,balls

  • Process

    - 3v1

    - Coach plays ball to AT (Blue) to initiate play.

    - 2 AT(Blue) on side must run around marker(Red) before joining play.

    - AT must get 4 passes in frist zone before playing out of zone to goal.

    - DF(Red) starts in middle zone and may move between zones.

    - If DF wins the ball play into AT Team's goal.


    P1 - 3v1 to 3v1

    - Add a 2nd DF in third zone.

    - DF must stay in their zone so play is always 3v1.

    P2 - 3v1+1 to 4v1

    - Add a 2nd DF in thrid zone.

    - DF must styin teir zone.

    - 3v1 in 1st zone with 4th AT waiting in middle zone.

    -At must play into 4th AT before moving into 3rd zone to become 4v1.

    P3 - 4v2

    - 4v2 in 1st zone.

    - AT team must get 4 passes before playing out of zone to goal.

    P4 - 4v2 to 4v2

    - Add a 3rd DF in 3rd zone. 4v2 in 1st zone.

    - Only 1 DF to join 3rd DF in 3rd zone so play is always 4v2.


    R1 - No restriction on number of passes before playing out of zone to goal.

    R2 - Add 4th AT to become 4v1.

    R3 - 3v1 or 4v1. DF must stay in middle zone.

  • Tip


    Quality of passing

    Passing to play forward

    Support Play


    Passer: type of pass; accuracy of pass; weight of pass; pass to correct foot; timing of the pass; communication.

    Receiver: good distance & angle; movement off the ball; quick movements; open body; on toes ready to receive; 1st touch - quality & directional; receive with correct foot; timing of when to recieve; body low, knees bent, on balance; communication.


    Can you pass with quality(left and right, weight of pass)?

    Can you pass with accuracy(ball arrives at the correct foot of the receiver)?

    Can you find the open/ free player?

    Can you pass and move into a new position?

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis




20 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:

Group training

Skill Level:


Author: Ashley Besagar

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