6v6v6 transition

  • Organisation

    6v3 transition exercise

  • Process

    ball is introduced from the coach to creat at 6v3 rondo in the 20x10 area. If the defenders win the ball 3 new "defenders" transition across to the opposite area to re-create the 6v3. if the 6 attackers can maintian possession for a set number of passes and deliver the ball across the transition to the opposite 6 a point is awarded. if the remaining 3 "defenders" in the transition zone prevent the ball from being delivered across, 3 new defenders must transition across to the opposite area. If possession is lost out of touch,  6v3

  • Tip

    touch restriction and # of passes varies depending on goals.

  • Cone margins

    2 20x10 grids divided by a transition area. the size can vary depending on the emphasis (5x20, 10x20, etc).

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


20 min

Author: Kevin Varnado

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