BPO: Close the space between the lines

  • Organisation

    BPO: Closing the space between the lines

  • Process

    Mini Goals 4 +1 attackers 4 defenders. 1 defender  starts in the 2nd box. 3 defenders start in the same box as the attackers. DIRECTIONAL. One team only scoring in one goal.

    Attackers to pass the ball and move to the second box to move forward again to score. Attackers need to pass 4x or split if ball is to go forward.

    Defenders to force the ball to isolate the attacker, 4th defender moves into the box when attacker is isolated or if free player receives the ball to stop forward movement. If defenders regain possession they need to move the ball into scoring zone quickliy to score. 

    Neutral player is always on the attacking team.

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


10 min

Author: Cheri Stewart

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