Circuit - Drill + Color + reaction

  • Organisation

    4 Sticks, 4 different color cones. 

  • Process

    P1 on the middle of the sticks receive a pass from P2 and P3, then will react to the number (Stick) or color (cone) to go and touch it, to finally adjust position and quickly react to a ball from GK coach.

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


15 min

Form of Training:

Goalkeeper training

Author: Christian Neira

Similar exercises - Training set:

Main point/Emphasis

1v1 + trailer
Vertical Pass
4 vs 2 with counterattack

Similar exercises - Duration:

15 Mins

Distribution (High hand throw)
COE (SA) 1v1 w/ Dribble Gate
Positioning: Bisector (Elastic)

Similar exercises - Author:

Christian Neira

Side diving attacking the ball
Movement back/forw passes
Reaction drill (Pass + Reaction + Dive )