COE (SA) 1v1 RWB & Turning

  • Organisation

    (see diagram) 

    - 25 m x 14 m (adjust according to players)

    - Split into teams of 4-5

    - Multiple grids may be necessary

  • Process


    - AT player (blue) begins by RWB towards central zone (yellow cones) 

    - DF player (red) can enter playing area after AT player's 1st touch

    - AT player can choose to go forward and score in dribble gates for 2 POINTS

    - If DF player can block dribble gate, AT player can turn and shoot in mini goal for 1 POINT

    **PRIORITY: Go forward first. If it is not on, then turn from the pressure to keep the ball. 

    - 4x3'/1'R (15 mins total)

    - Swap roles every round 



    R1- Change start position of DF player to give AT more time

    P1 - Change start position of DF to give AT less time

  • Tip


    Improve decision making and technique when RWB/turning while under pressure



    Can AT player recognize when is the right moment to go penetrate?

    Can AT player recognize when its the right moment to turn from pressure?


Training Set:



U6 - U13 [Under 09, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12]


15 min

Number of Players:

6 - 9 players [8 players]

Form of Training:

Individual training

Skill Level:


Author: Bryan Cadiz

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