Distribution (High hand throw)

  • Organisation

    Elastic, sticks, cones

  • Process

    P1 will start with a pass from P2, then quickly adjust to dive for a mid-height ball, to finally hand throw the ball over the elastic looking for P3 on the side of the field.

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


15 min

Form of Training:

Goalkeeper training

Author: Christian Neira

Similar exercises - Training set:

Main point/Emphasis

restricted space
Side/Front diving (Movement on the goal)
Passing in two Boxes VI

Similar exercises - Duration:

15 Mins

Close range shots with pass and fake opponents
1v1 (Shooting) (COE)
Front diving/ side diving (Lower position)

Similar exercises - Author:

Christian Neira

Warm up Circuit
Technique drill = Dive+dive+Air ball
Reaction speed + dive