Fitness Ladder Aerobic

  • Organisation

    Mark out the cones as shown in the diagram above. The set-up above is for 14 players. The area is 45x25yrds marked by the pointed
    yellow cones. Seven lines with three different colour cones are also set up. The yellow (disc) cones are equally spread along the side
    line. The orange cones are approx 8 yrds from the yellow cones. The white cones are a further 8yrds from the orange cones. The
    players on the white cones should each have a ball. The 7 red players start from the yellow disc cones and will be the working players
    in the example
  • Process

    Red players check (sprint) to the orange cone on the right hand side of the cone first (simulating stepping/pressing to the side of a
    player to win the ball).
    * The servers (blue players) pass the ball to the red players when they arrive at the orange cones.
    * Once they have played the ball back to the server (blue player), they turn and sprint back to the yellow cone.
    * They then sprint back out to the left hand side of the orange cone to receive and pass back another pass from the blue server.
    * On returning the second pass to the server the red player turns and move on to the next yellow cone (to their left).
    * When completing their passes at the top of the ladder (having completed both passes back to the server) the red player runs
    around cone A and sprints (90%) all the way around the grid back to cone D before re-entering the ladder again.
  • Tip

    Drill Objective(s)
    1) Develop Aerobic Capacity
    2) Develop Threshold Capacity.
    3) Develop sprinting and turns.
    4) Stepping to the ball and high pressure/pressing.
  • Field size


Training Set:



30 min

Author: Steven Provan

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Fitness Ladder Aerobic
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Fitness Ladder Aerobic