GFA GK - GK + 3v1 / BOD + 1v1

  • Organisation

    8yds x 10 yds box, set up 5yds centrally from the top of the 18

  • Process

    3v1 in the grid.

    Ball will start with the player that's central of the grid across from the defender. To initiate to start, the player will pass the ball to the defender who will play the ball back first time. As the player receives the ball back, he/she must pass the ball among the other two player.

    They must complete four (4) consecutive passes before playing the ball through. The defender can contest the ball and win it. If the defender wins it the play stops and restarts again.

    The other players can support the player with the ball, and try to score a goal. If the goalkeeper makes a save the play stops and restarts again.


  • Tip

    Goalkeepers communication with the defender to deny the opposition from scoring.

    Starting position in relation to the ball.

Training Set:

Break, Progression


Adult (from 18 years on)


05 min

Number of Players:

6 - 9 players [6 players]

Form of Training:

Goalkeeper training

Skill Level:


Author: Ross Awa

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