NT Warm-Up Number Game Activation

  • Organisation

    Field Set Up:

    See Diagram


    Cones, bibs

  • Process

    Players are paired up and each pair is given a number

    Coach will hold a bib up in the center of the drill

    -Coach will call a number and the pair will apporach the coach/bib

    -Either player can grab the bib

    -Once a player grabs the bib, he/she must run to their perspective gate without getting tagged

    -The person who did not grab the bib must try to catch the person with the bib before he/she runs through their gate

    *Turn the drill into a game where there is a point system


Training Set:





10 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:

Training in pairs

Skill Level:


Author: Mark Chargualaf

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