NT Warm-up Passing and Receiving 2

  • Organisation

    Field Set Up:

    See Diagram


    Balls, Cones (tall cones optional)

  • Process

    Set up 2 to 3 lines depending on number of players

    -Player 1 plays to player 2

    -Player 2 sets player 3

    -Player 3 rounds his/her run to get under the ball and then plays player 4

    -Player 4 dribbles back home

    -Rotation-Player 1 goes to player 3's cone; player 2 goes to player 4's cone (top cone); player 3 goes to player 2's cone; and player 4 goes to end of the line at starting cone

    *Option to switch direction


    Same starting steps (P1 to P2; P2 sets P3; P3 to P4)

    -Now after ball is played to P4, P2 will support and play a one-two with P4 who then passes it back to starting cone (or dribbles)

    -Same Rotation

    *Option to switch direction

Training Set:





10 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:

Group training

Skill Level:


Author: Mark Chargualaf

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