NT Warm Up Dynamic Plus Dribbling

  • Organisation

    Field Set Up:

    See Diagram

    Create 2 or 3 lines depending on number of players

    *No more than 7 players on a line

  • Process

    Players perform a dynamic warm up that includes:

    -Side steps, High knees with arms overhead, Regular high knees, Leg Cycles, etc.

    -Stride outs and progressive runs through the cones


    -Add a ball for the first 3 to 5 players and players without ball become recievers

    -Dribble through cones with different techniques (right foot, left foot, both feet, etc)

    -Then dribble to top cone, turn and then pass to a reciever

    -The receiver goes in line while the player who passed the ball becomes a reciever

Training Set:





10 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:

Training in pairs

Skill Level:


Author: Mark Chargualaf

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