Pass-back training

  • Organisation

    The right and left players in the corner of the penalty box have a ball. The goalkeeper is in front of the goal and the other players are positioned in accordance with the diagram. The pressing player is in line with penalty area and the other goalkeeper is in line with the half-way line.
  • Process

    The left player passes the ball to the goalkeeper, the blue-grey player runs to the goalkeeper and attacks him. He must now decide whether to pass to either the right outside player or to the player on the half-way line, using a direct shot or after receiving the ball. If the goalkeeper makes a long pass to the half-way line, he catches the ball and sends it back to the left outside player using a throw out shot. The training process is started alternately from left and right.
  • Tip

    The goalkeeper is forced to observe the player
  • Field size

    half a playing field


Trapping, Ballskill (Touch on the ball)

Passing [Short passing, Long passing, Inside of the foot passing]

Shot technique/shooting [Inside of the foot, Outside of the foot, Laces, Inside of the laces passing]

Goalkeeping techniques [Throw-ins]


Positional passing, Defensive/Offensive play

Opening the field [Throw-ins]


Speed of movement with ball, Speed of movement off the ball

Strength [Power & Speed, Leaping strength]


Quick anticipation, Flexibility, Quick decisioning, Quick processing, Quickness of reaction, Quick understanding of danger

Training Set:

Progression, Main point/Emphasis


U14 - U19

U6 - U13 [U 07 (6-7 years), Under 8, Under 09, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12, Under 13]


25 min

Number of Players:

1 - 5 players [5 players]

Form of Training:

Individual training, Group training, Goalkeeper training

Participating Players:



Stress training, Alone training, Groups

Skill Level:

Professional, Beginner, Advanced

Spatial Behavior:

Penalty box

Training Location:

Forest/meadow, Asphalt, Turf field, Grass field, Indoor

Author: System e2c

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