Passing – Playing out from the back

  • Organisation

    Left Diagram: 3/4 - 2/5 - 6 - 7/11

    Right Diagram: 3/4 - 6 - 2/5 - 7/11

  • Process

    Left Diagram – The 3/4 passes the ball to the 2/5, the 2/5 will then pass the ball into the 6, the 6 will pass the ball to the 7/11, then the 7/11 will run onto the ball and go through the gate.

    Right Diagram - The 3/4 passes the ball into the 6, the 6 will then pass the ball to the 2/5. As the ball is travelling from the 6 to the 2/5 the 7/11 will then make a run towards to the middle and run on to the ball which will be on the left hand side through the gate.

    The rotation of players are indicated in red.

Training Set:





10 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:

Group training

Skill Level:


Author: Ashley Besagar

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