Pressing & Counterattacking

  • Organisation

    3 Teams of 5 in a 20x20m grid with 4 mini-goals placed 5m outside the grid.


  • Process

    Two teams keep possession against the 5 defenders, who must press to win possession back. When the win possession they score in any of the mini-goals. The two attacking teams counter-defend to win possession back as soon as possible to prevent the goal. Play 2 minute rounds with 45-60 seconds rest between. Play 6 rounds and record the goals scored by each team. Duration: 20 minutes Coaching Points: -Width & Depth in possession -1 or 2 touches for efficient ball circulation -Receiving the ball with an open body shape -Pressing immediately in numbers when possession is lost. Win the ball back within 6 seconds. -Defenders communicate and work together to press collectively, waiting for a poor quality pass or first touch. -Score a goal directly from the turnover or within 1 or 2 passes.

Training Set:

Progression, Main point/Emphasis


U6 - U13, U14 - U19, Any, Adult (from 18 years on)


60 min

Number of Players:

6 - 9 players, > 10 players

Form of Training:

Team training, Group training

Skill Level:

Any, Advanced


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