short corner, long corner

  • Organisation

    5v5+4, 6v6..., 7v7+4

  • Process

    two teams with 4 neutral players positioned in each corner with a midline that divides the space in half. directional exercise where the team in posession can use one of the two neutral players in the half of the field in which the ball is in. after using one, they must look to use one of the two neutrals at the opposite side of the space. if they can maintain possession of the ball by using one of the "short corners" and a "long corner" they earn a point. neutrals/targets can only play the ball into their half of the field.

  • Tip

    emphasis tends to be on vision/changing the point of attack. can also be used as a pressing exercise in terms of condensing space to eliminate numbers. speed of play has a role to play.

  • Field size

    dimensions vary depending on the objective and the numbers.

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


20 min

Author: Kevin Varnado

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