Small-Sided Defending against the counter Attack

  • Organisation


    - Two teams of 3

    - 25x15 grid including endzones

    - 2v2 in the grid. Third player acts as a server.



    - Teams score by dribbling the ball into the end zone

    - As the attacking player dribbles the ball into the end zone, the server (other team) passes a ball into their teammate to create a quick counter.

    - The player that just dribbled in must now transition back.


    Coaching Points:

    First Defender delays by defending the space & slowing the attackers down.

    - Use the sideline as a second defender to try and create a 1v1.

    - Second defender transitions back quickly to get back behind the ball.

    - When players are behind the ball, slow down the attack and try to win ball back.

Training Set:





15 min

Number of Players:

6 - 10 players

Form of Training:

Group training

Author: Trent Tuckett

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