Speed of Play - Technical Warm Up

  • Organisation

    Divide players into pairs - one ball between the two of them.
  • Process

    1st Progression - Players one touch passing quickly back and forth. Look to increase the pace of the pass to make it more challenging. 2nd Progression - The receiving player must now clean up the pass and take off the ball of the line of play on the first touch - try to implement a fake first touch. 3rd Progression - Player's strike passes to each other as hard as possible on the ground to feet. Challenge each other with hard passes. Receiving players should clean up each pass and make it ready to play a foot in front or so, not between legs (play the ball out of feet). 4th Progression - One player is a server the other is the receiver. The server will randomly strike the ball hard challenging the partner, or pass softly so that the receiver has to move to the ball quickly, drop the ball, and recover the space.
  • Tip

    Do it perfectly each time! Test your partner but make realistic passes. Don't get caught flat footed.
  • Cone margins

    1st Progression - Players start 6 feet apart 2nd Progression - 7 yards apart 3rd Progression - 12 yards apart 4th Progression - 10 yards apart

Training Set:





15 min

Number of Players:

1 - 5 players [2 players]

Form of Training:

Training in pairs

Skill Level:


Author: Simon Görbing

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