Attacking drill for wings finish

  • Organisation

    Drill to improve tactics moves in attack for formation 1-4-2-3-1 or 1-4-3-3. Improves the pass, the moves, the shoot for your players.
  • Process

    The A player(midfilder) pass to C (attacker), C pass back to A in his move, A pass to B (wing), B pass to C, C pass to B in his move, B shoots to make a goal. The new position for them are C in the end of tail, B in attacker position, A in wing position. The dril then starts from the other side, so acts E,D,B players now.
  • Tip

    You can use 8-16 players can work to this drill. You can use 2 attackers and 2 tails of midfilders for 12+ players for better conditions, so in that case works 2 teams in their triangle (left and right)
  • Field size

    Half pitch
  • Cone margins

    20 meters in cross, but you can use your prefer distance

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


10 min

Author: Vasilis Papadakis

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