Cross and Finish

  • Organisation

    GK, Striker in Postion One, Striker in Position two, all other players are dribbiling around the cones till told to break and make the cross. 18 cones, 4 Poles, 2 Man dummies
  • Process

    Can be done on both ends of a full size Field
  • Tip

    Of course, the difficulty of this exercise will be increased accordingly. So it is possible for example that foreign players, the "break" between the two balls make shorter edge. The result is that the striker is forced to react even faster. Another possibility would be to hit the slopes too inaccurate or deliberately to impede the progress of the ball. Technical means are for example a ball or a swerve edge that sits just before the striker again. Around the premise of the "varied" to promote, could both flanks of the outer space are entered differently and in a sense constitute a "contrast". Example: From left flat pass the sharp touches again and after a "banana edge" from the other side. The whole exercise takes place in a circle. The group of 4 in both exterior beats the edge on the forward line and a long pass to the winger, who this pass quickly recovered and immediately transforms into a flank. Here too, could be increased by changing the assignment of time pressure for the acting player.
  • Field size

    Half Field with goals at each end


Passing, Shot technique/shooting

Goalkeeping techniques [Crossing/Owning the box, Goal kicks]


Wing play/Crossing

Opening the field [Goal kicks]

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


25 min

Form of Training:

Goalkeeper training

Author: John Auldridge

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