Dribbling Competition

  • Organisation

    Several players (one team) start at each cone in the large box. (4 teams). If the group contains differing levels then the drills should be chosen so that completes the same number of circuits (if necessary one player will have to go twice with a group with fewer players). One ball per team.
  • Process

    The 4 starting players start on the coach’s signal at the same time and run to the next cone and back. The next player takes the ball. The players should first complete a dry run and then in a competitive situation. Run-through 2: The first player runs through the small box, to the furthest cone and back. The next player takes the ball and continues. Run-through 3: The same as 2 but that the small box (and only the small box) is a small “battleground”. That means that every player in the box can attack any other player with a ball and attempt to knock his ball away. If a player loses his ball, he has to collect it and start the drill from the same position again.
  • Tip

    - Every player goes 3 times. - Ensure that the take is performed correctly: Right foot to right foot/left foot to left foot. - Ensure that the take takes place at the cone. - Attempt to have groups with similar standards. - The cones should be encircled tightly. The ball should not be further than 50 cm from the foot.
  • Field size

    Large box: 15m x 15m Small box: 6m x 6m
  • Cone margins

    Cones outer box: 15 meters each. Cones inner box: 6 meters each.


Ball control, Dribbling, Ballskill (Touch on the ball), Trapping

Shot technique/shooting [Laces, Outside of the foot, Inside of the foot]


Variable intervals, Explosiveness, Speed endurance

Strength [Power & Speed]


Quickness of reaction

Training Set:

Progression, Main point/Emphasis


U6 - U13 [Under 13, Under 12, Under 11, Under 10, Under 09, Under 8, U 07 (6-7 years)]

U14 - U19 [Under 14]


15 min

Number of Players:

6 - 9 players [8 players, 9 players]

> 10 players [10 players]

Form of Training:

Individual training, Group training

Participating Players:

Whole team


Offensive behaviors, Alone training, Training for fun, Groups

Skill Level:

Professional, Beginner, Advanced

Spatial Behavior:

Limited playing field

Training Location:

Forest/meadow, Asphalt, Turf field, Grass field, Indoor

Author: Easy2Coach EN GmbH

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