Dribbling techniques und tricks - tempo dribbling

  • Organisation

    Two group start at opposite cones. One ball per group.
  • Process

    The first player of each group has a ball. Both players start dribbling towards the other side at the same time. The player waiting for the ball moves towards the player in possession 1-2 meters and takes the ball whilst moving forwards.
  • Tip

    - Call for top speed. - Close dribbling. - Both players must keep an eye on one another to avoid collision. - The ball should be dribbled with the laces/outside of the foot and not with the instep. - To be able to use the right dribbling technique, the players’ ankles should be opened with their toes pointing downwards. - The two players waiting for the ball should start without a ball just before the player in possession reaches the cone. This will ensure that the ball is taken on the move. Ball control and “takes” are practiced as a result and this also ensures that the players keep the tempo high. - If the player takes the ball on the move with the instep, then the movement of the foot should flow downwards. The upper body should be lightly leant over the ball. When the ball is controlled with the outside of the boot, the upper body should be slightly turned inwards. The foot should (also) be lightly turned inwards. The ankle should be open.
  • Field size

    6 x 20 meters
  • Cone margins

    approx. 20 meters


Trapping, Ball control, Ballskill (Touch on the ball)

Passing [Short passing]


Speed of movement with ball, Speed endurance

Strength [Power & Speed]

Training Set:



U14 - U19

U6 - U13 [Under 13, Under 12, Under 11, Under 10, Under 09, Under 8, U 07 (6-7 years)]


15 min

Number of Players:

6 - 9 players [6 players, 7 players, 8 players]

Form of Training:

Individual training, Group training

Participating Players:

Whole team


Offensive behaviors, Alone training, Groups

Skill Level:

Professional, Beginner, Advanced

Spatial Behavior:

Limited playing field

Training Location:

Asphalt, Turf field, Grass field, Indoor, Forest/meadow

Author: Easy2Coach EN GmbH

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