Passing with three

  • Organisation

    Materials: balls, cones
  • Process

    The players build groups of three each. Each group with two balls and two cones. The groups spread across the field and set up the cones with a distance of around 15m. Two players, one with a ball, take the position at the cones, the other one in the middle between them. On command of the coach Player C moves 1-2m towards the player with ball (A). Player A plays a pass on the ground (1). Player C lays the ball off for player A (2) and turns in the other direction towards player B. Player A plays a direct pass to player B (3). This player passes on the ground to player C again, and so on


Ball control, Ballskill (Touch on the ball)

Passing [One touch passes, Short passing]

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis, Progression


U14 - U19

U6 - U13 [Under 13]


10 min

Number of Players:

1 - 5 players [3 players]

Form of Training:

Group training, Individual training

Participating Players:

Whole team


Groups, Alone training

Skill Level:

Advanced, Professional

Spatial Behavior:

Limited playing field

Training Location:

Turf field, Grass field, Indoor, Asphalt

Author: Easy2Coach Database

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