Passing in three Boxes with Position Changes Variation II

  • Organisation

    Using 8 cones, three zones are marked out next to each other. The three zones make up the whole field of play (marked light green). Eachof the boxes is labelled zone 1, 2 or 3. The zone with the ball is ifilled with 6 players. The middle zone (zone 2) has 2 players. Zone 3 also has 2 playes. (1) Field 1 (2) Field 2 (3) Field 3
  • Process

    The players play in pairs: (A+A) - red team (B+B) - yellow team (C+C) - blue team (D+D) - grey team (E+E) - blue team The two pairs in possession must play at least three passes before they are allowed to pass the ball to the players in zone 2. The third pair tries to intercept the ball through clever pressing and energetic tackling. If they manage this, then they swap positions with the pair which lost the ball. After the third successful uninterupted pass, if possible, the pair should pass the ball into zone 2. The players in zone 2 must both touch the ball before passing in to zone 3. The player who passed the ball follows his pass together with his partner and the two defenders (C+C). The drill is then repeated with (E+E) together. The defenders remain in their positions until they have intercepted the ball, the ball is played out or for a maximum of 2 minutes. Alternative: - no restrictions on touches - Restricted touches (e.g. 1-3 touches)
  • Tip

    - This drill is very tiring and requires a great deal of player intelligence. - Good touch and combination soccer is required. - The standing leg is often too far away from the ball and/or the player leans back. - Demand good strength of pass and pass precision. - Pass precision is more important than pass speed. - Concentratuion must be held at all times. - Anticipation, awareness, reaction, speed of thought and movement with and without the ball are continuously required. - The zones in which the players compete change regularly, so creating a new game situation each time.


Ballskill (Touch on the ball)

Passing [Passing in a square, Short passing, Long passing]

Training Set:

Progression, Main point/Emphasis


U14 - U19

U6 - U13 [Under 13]


20 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players [10 players]

Form of Training:

Group training, Group training, Individual training

Participating Players:

Whole team


Alone training, Groups, Groups

Skill Level:


Spatial Behavior:

Limited playing field

Training Location:

Turf field, Grass field, Indoor, Forest/meadow, Asphalt

Author: Easy2Coach EN GmbH

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