Possesion game with numerical superiority in four different zone`s

  • Organisation

    Four zones 10m x 10m. 2 vs 1 in every zone

  • Process

    The attacking team trys to keep possesion none of the players are allowed to leave their zone making it 2 vs 1 in every zone. You can challenge the players by letting them leave thier zone making it 3 vs 2 in every zone

  • Tip

    Depending on the age and level of the players you can increase or decrease the different zones making it harder or easier to keep possesion. You can remove 1-2 defenders but giving the remaing defenders free movement threw out the zones. You can also adjust the number of passes the players has to make before the ball can leave the zone.


Passing [One touch passes, Wall passes]


Defensive/Offensive play, Attacking with focus on offsides

Training Set:

End, Main point/Emphasis




40 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:

Group training



Skill Level:


Author: Sebastian Daka

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