Soccer Baseball 4v4

  • Organisation

    8 Players on 2 Teams (4 Reds vs. 4 Blues) Equipment Needed: 4 Cones => Baseball Bases 1 Ball
  • Process

    Restrictions (Instructions): Batter Runs Anti-Clockwise While Fielders Pass Clockwise If Batter Reaches Home Base 1st, Before Fielder #1 Receives Ball. Batter Earns 1 Point (Run Scored). Each Batter Has 1 Turn Around The Bases Until All Batters Have Taken A Turn Before Teams Can Switch Places. A Batter Cannot Obstruct Or Get In The Way Of The Ball’s Path. Objective: -Improve Passing & Receiving While Under Passive Pressure -Improve Speed Of Play -Improve Weight Of Pass -Improve Accuracy Of Pass - Improve 1st Touch
  • Tip

    CP: -Appropriate Body Shape When Receiving Ball (allow The Ball to Come Across Your Body) -Appropriate Technique For Passing The Ball (With Inside Or Outside Of Foot)
  • Field size

    20y x 25y - outside passing 15y x 20y - inside bases

Training Set:

Progression, Main point/Emphasis


20 min

Author: Tom Herzog

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