Triangle Passing with One-Twos Variation I

  • Organisation

    Three cones are set up as shown. More than one player starts at the first cone. The ball is at the first cone. Each other player stands at one cone.
  • Process

    A plays a one-two with player B (1+2) and then passes cross-field to player C (3). C then plays a one-two with B (4+5) and passes the ball cross-field to cone II (I.e. Player A, who has now taken up his position there.) The same sequence now starts from the beginning again. Runs: - Player A runs to cone II - B runs to cone III - C runs to cone I The positions are changed clockwise. Variation: After half the time, the direction of play can be changed, i.e. the sequence runs anti-clockwise.


Passing, Trapping, Ball control

Training Set:

Progression, Main point/Emphasis


20 min

Author: Easy2Coach Database

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