easy2coach PREMIUM

There are plenty reasons for easy2coach Premium.
On this page, we give you a short overview about the key Premium features in easy2coach.

You and all of your team members gain unlimited access to all Premium features including our powerful drill database and access to our drawing and animation tools.

3 months

0 .85 €

6 months

0 .70 €

12 months

0 .40 €

24 months

0 .80 €

Frequently asked questions about functions, prices and billing

You are never alone in easy2coach – we are always there for you to assist you.
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No. A premium membership will always apply to one team. If a team member books a premium membership for a team, all additional features in this team are activated without any additional costs for all other team members as well. .

You could simply split the costs with your team members or assistant coaches.

Example: If you are using easy2coach with 10 other team members, you could split the costs so that each team member pays less than 1€/month.

Our users say that they save up to 20-30h per month now since team communication, player analysis as well as training and match planning is fully done in easy2coach now.

We believe that fair play is most important in sports. Hence, we believe that 10€/month (Single-User) or 1€/month (Multi-User) are fair values compared to time saving of 20-30h/month. Ones you have started working with easy2coach, you can finally spend more time on the pitch again instead of organizing daily processes. This is already the perfect deal for over 2.000 Premium clubs.

A membership in this platform is always free of charge.

You can create as many teams and invite as many members to your teams as you like.

You will only incur charges if you book a premium membership for at least one (1) team.

The first team that you create will receive a Premium membership for 5 days.

During this period, you may test all features in easy2coach, free of charge.

After the expiration of the free trial your account is automatically transferred into a free basic account

Upon the expiration of the trial period, your Premium membership will be automatically converted into the free basic membership.

You can decide at any time if you would like to book the PREMIUM with unlimited features for your team or if you simply want to use the free basic account.

By simply signing up in easy2coach you will not experience any costs.

Clubs that wish to use easy2coach in their entire club for all teams may be interested in our special discount model easy2coach Premium for clubs for only 39€/months (468€/year) (minimum subscription period defined at 3 years).
Up to 10 teams of your club will receive Premium status in easy2coach.

Of course, it is possible to order additional team licences and to connect all teams with each other so that an effecitve club collaboration is guaranteed.

More information about Premium for clubs

By using the payment system provided in the member area, membership fees are payable as a single advance payment for the applicable term.

You may pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or PayPal. In Germany, payment by direct debit is also an option.

After completion of the payment process in the payment system, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. As soon as your payment is confirmed by the bank, PayPal or credit card company, you will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail and your premium membership will be automatically activated.

You can download your invoice afterwards in our member area.

The premium membership enables you to use all features (e.g. statistics, customizable data fields, access rights changes) of the online platform including access to all drills and unlimited use of the drawing and animation tools.

Premium for clubs
This version offers several great possibilities to organize daily and team overlapping tasks in your club. Let easy2coach do the work for you so that you can focus on your real club work again.
It is the perfect solution if you are working in an ambitious club and if you want to improve the internal structure of your club. If you like we can even support you in your PR work by publishing a story about your team on easy2coach.net.

When a premium membership expires, you can still access the data of your team (within the restrictions applying to the basic membership).

Your data will never be deleted.

No. All your data are protected with your password. We also use SSL technology for data transfer. This means, that the data export from our server to your PC is encrypted. Data capture from other persons during the transfer is impossible.

In addition, GmbH Easy2Coach will never disclose your data to third parties.