adidias impressions

The following screens give you a rough impression about the features in our team management app which is available as iOS and Android app.

Modules / Calendar



As you can see in the left menu, our app offers all team relevant modules. Modules can be hidden or activated by a user.


Calendar – Monthly view

The calendar is the central module for all users. In this module, they can organize all events and access each happening in detail.


Calendar – list view

Our list view contains all events and happenings in a well structured format. Our customers love to have all relevant information directly available.

Communication / Notifications


Notification center

Do you like to send out push notifications or do you want users to be informed about things? Our notification center bundles all information for you.


Team messages

Messages and important news can be send via our team messaging module. Recipients will receive push notifications as well.


Contacts / Players


Contact profile

Each user but also every team member has a profile. In our app, all contact information is directly available for authorized users.


Editing contact data

Keeping data up-to-date has never been easier. We offer all relevant contact/player information in our app. Additional data fields can easily be added by us or the users.



Our users can keep track of all absences and injuries easily. All data updates automatically in training days, matches or tournaments simplifying daily coaching tasks a lot.



Ranking List

All players receive automatically points for training days and matches. As a result internal rankings are created to push every player to the limit.


Player points

Every player has his/her own detailed player profile in which all points are summarized. The training day and match day summary can be opened in further detail…


Detailed player points

Coaches but also players know exactly in which sessions they performed well or poor.

Training days


List view

Each module opens up in a list view summarizing all events (training days in this case) in a chronological order.


Detailed training day

The detail view of a training day offers even more details. Users can share comments or access training plans, files or detailed player information.


Training plan

Training plans can be created by the users. All drills can be accessed via app (phone and tablet through our responsive design).



Match detail view

All matches can be tracked inside the app. Besides general match data, every users can add files, match actions, player details as well as comments for each match.


Track actions

Do you want to keep track of specific match actions? Simply select the action and enter a minute an player. Done.


Player data

Some data is relevant before a match. Some other data is relevant during or after a match. Inside the team manager app, all relevant player data for a match can be entered.



Drill database

Thousends of German drills and hundreds of foreign speaking drills can be accessed in our apps.


Filter criteria

Our criteria were developed with certificated DFB soccer coaches. Each drill can be categorized easily in our database.


Detail view

All drills open up in professional format. No matter if drawings, files or videos, the data can be accessed via our apps at any time.