Team Premium – 6 months




You can book a premium membership with exclusive features and benefits here.

If you book a Premium Membership, you and all your team members receive unlimited access to all premium features in the web portal easy2coach as well as in our iOS and Android app.

Details about this Premium membership

71,70€ / 6 months

6 months easy2coach Premium (11,95€/month) – valid for one team and an unlimited number of users.

  • Statistic modules for training day, matches, tournaments and players
  • Fully customizable data sheets for players
  • Create your own rating sheets
  • Full access to the absence/injury module for players
  • Powerful PDF print-outs for training days, matches and events.
  • Print & Export all calendar events within seconds
  • Unrestricted user management features
  • Unlimited team data and team images/files
  • Unlimited access to all public drills
  • Full access to the coaching animation and drawing software for one team
  • Full access to create training plans
  • Full access for all team members to the iOS and Android app of the easy2coach Team Manager
  • Premium Support

Do you still have questions regarding our features and prices?

Our team is always happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us at any time. Our contact details can be found here.

A premium membership will always apply to one team. If a team member books a premium membership for a team, all additional features in this team are activated without any additional costs for all other team members as well.

You could simply split the costs with your team members or assistant coaches.

Example: If you are using easy2coach with 10 other team members, you could split the costs so that each team member pays less than 1€/month.

Our users say that they save up to 20-30h per month now since team communication, player analysis as well as training and match planning is fully done in easy2coach now.

We believe that fair play is most important in sports. Hence, we believe that 10€/month (Single-User) or 1€/month (Multi-User) are fair values compared to time saving of 20-30h/month. Ones you have started working with easy2coach, you can finally spend more time on the pitch again instead of organizing daily processes. This is already the perfect deal for over 2.000 Premium clubs.