Features overview in easy2coach

The following overview lists the features that are included in the different memberships of easy2coach.The memberships Premium and Premium for clubs contain all the features of easy2coach, whereas the free basic membership has limited features: Our prices

easy2coach Premium Premium for clubs Basic
Features for the organization of trainings and games
Structured organization of trainings and games for all teams check check check
Extensive administration of games with flexibly definable entry fields check check check
Interactive organization of trainings and games activities for all members within a team check check no
Extensive administration of games including graphic and tabular lineups check check no
Structured print outs for trainings and game days check check no
Easy integration of external players into trainings and games check check check
Interactive notification of training attendance or absence check check check
Administration of league games, cup games and test games check check no
Basic features for training and game day preparation check check check
Interactive organization of game data, training and game activities for all members in a club no check no
Features for team administration and communication
Internal communication via email, quick messaging, wall posting and club forum check check check
Structured recording of all appointments, birthdays, trainings and game days for all teams in a club check check no
Free interactive cooperation/communication with coaches, assistants and players check check check
Structured overview of the locker room services and material services for each training day check check check
Integrated team cash savings feature with access for all team members check check check
Features for training exercises and TACTICS
Usage of the integrated exercise sharing platform check check no
Usage of the drawing software „Easy2Coach Draw“ to create and edit drills check check no
Perfect visualization of tactic sequences, game scenes and trainings with the integrated animation software „Easy2Coach Motion“ check check no
Uploading of training videos, files and pictures to create your own data base of exercises check check no
Access to database with over 500 exercises check check no
Easy copying and editing of public exercises as well as simple integration with your own exercises check check no
Creation, saving and printing of exercises check check no
Creation, saving and printing of training plans check check no
Archiving of training and game scenes check check no
Player and team statistics
Recording of individual performance evaluations/ developments of all the players with flexibly definable criteria check check no
Effective documentation of player and team statistics check check no
Extensive training and game statistics check check no