Back four - shift to the right with fixed positioning in the centre

  • Organisation

    The four defenders A, B, C and D move out of the basic back four formation (aligned) into the final position shown in the diagram, which resembles a crescent. The two red attackers G and H act as strikers, E and F as wide midfielders. The ball is with player E.
  • Process

    When completing the drill: The ball is passed by player E to the left attacking side to player F. Defender A, who is responsible for this zone, advances out of the basic formation and attacks F. As the strikers are standing in this situation near the central defenders in a potential goal-scoring area and there is a danger of a direct cross from F, the central defenders assign themselves the strikers and simply retreat somewhat into a deep position. Player D moves in line with the second post, approximately level with player C. Player F is now working the ball and attempts to put a direct cross into the penalty area. The two strikers attempt to score a goal and player E runs diagonally into the penalty area, where he is taken by D, where he also attempts to salvage the ball.
  • Tip

    1 full-court goal(s), - The defensive line stands about 22-23 meters in front of the goal in the basic formation and the lateral distance between the defenders is about 7-12 meters. - The starting signal for initiating the paths is the passer of the ball moving to strike the ball. - Defender A runs at the highest tempo to player F and attempts to challenge him at the earliest possible moment. At the same time the defensive players drop 5-6 meters deeper. - The diagonal cross from E should be played to the inner post (straight rising trajectory of the ball with high speed). - E sprints diagonally in the direction of the penalty area after his pass. - The strikers can cross over .
  • Field size

    Half a playing field.



Passing [Long passing]

Shot technique/shooting [Inside of the laces passing]


Four man backfield

Defensive/Offensive play [Pushing]


Quick decisioning, Quick anticipation

Training Set:

Progression, Main point/Emphasis


U14 - U19

U6 - U13 [Under 12, Under 13]


15 min

Number of Players:

6 - 9 players [8 players, 9 players]

> 10 players [10 players]

Form of Training:

Group training

Participating Players:

Whole team


1 goalie


Defensive behaviors, Groups

Skill Level:


Spatial Behavior:


Training Location:

Turf field, Grass field, Indoor, Forest/meadow, Asphalt

Author: Christian Titz

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