Basic formation 4-4-2 - forming pairs

  • Organisation

    10 players and 1 goalkeeper are positioned on the playing field as show in the diagram. A letter is assigned to each player (or position respectively). The positions can be doubly/multi occupied without any problems.
  • Process

    The players are positioned in a 4-4-2 formation and subdivided into pairs. The distance breadth-wise is between 7-12 meters (for example between B and C) and depth-wise between 10-15 meters (for example between B and F). The players who are outlined in a rectangle form a pair and are responsible for safeguarding each other in the game.
  • Tip

    This exercise represents a purely static dry run. The players should get a feel on the field for their respective positions to one another. The players should get an explanation from the coach (on a tactic board at best) before the training session about the importance of the formation and their respective positions and should be prepared for what will be expected from them on the training field. This verbal-theoretical introduction is then followed by the execution on the field, which aids the visualization and the static execution of the things heard in the dressing room.
  • Field size

    Whole playing field.

Training Set

Main point, Progression


10 min

Author: Christian Titz

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