Close range shots with pass and fake opponents

  • Organisation

    Construction of three poles and two starting cones in accordance with the diagram. The players divided themselves up equally on the two cones. The balls are with Group A. goalkeeper stands in goal.
  • Process

    Player A dribbles from the starting cone towards the second cone. At the same time player B starts his run to the pole. When they arrive A plays a deep ball which B runs onto and either dispatches at goal either first time, or after first controlling the ball. Switch places after each round. Resources: 1 Full-size goal, 3 poles.
  • Tip

    3 pole(s), 1 full-court goal(s), - The goalkeeper always takes his position off the shooter. - Owing to the high variation of shots, the goalkeeper has to react differently to each different shot technique. - The goalkeeper
  • Field size

    35 x 25 Meters
  • Cone margins


Training Set

Main point


15 min


U13, U12, U11, U10, U09, U14 - U19


Inside of the foot passing, Inside of the laces passing, Laces, Outside of the foot, Dribbling, Trapping


Direct play to the forwards, Positional play


Quick anticipation, Quick decisioning, Quick processing, Quick understanding of danger, Quickness of reaction


Leaping power, Leaping strength, Power & Speed, Speed endurance, Speed of movement off the ball, Speed of movement with ball

Training Organization

Number of Players

6 players, 7 players, 8 players

Form of Training

Goalkeeper training, Group training, Individual training

Skill Level


Participating Players

Whole team


1 goalie


Alone training, Groups

Spatial Behavior

Limited playing field

Training Location

Asphalt, Forest/meadow, Grass field, Indoor, Turf field

Author: Christian Titz

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