Passing in a Box with Options I

  • Organisation

    Two triangles are set up next to one another. A players starts at each cone. Two players start at the start position.

  • Process

    Player D starts with a corss-field pass to A and then runs to cone VI. Player A plays a one-two with B and takes up his position at cone IV. B runs to cone V. Player C passes the ball (5) on to player F and runs to cone III. F then plays a one-teo with D. The sequence of passes and runs contiuously repeats itself so that in the process every player takes up every position.

  • Tip

    - 6 cones.

    - This drill is very tiring and requires a great deal of player intelligence.

    - The standing leg is often too far away from the ball and/or the player leans back.

    - Timing of the pass is important.

    - Don't forget the runs.

    - Demand good strength of pass and pass precision.

    - Pass precision is more important than pass speed.

    - Concentration must be held at all times.

    - Anticipation, awareness, reaction, speed of thought and movement with and without the ball are continuously required.

  • Field size

    20 x 20 Meters

  • Cone margins

    The outer cones are 20m apart. The inner cones 10. The distance between the inner box and the next cone is 5m.


Dribbling, Trapping, Ball control, Ballskill (Touch on the ball)

Passing [One touch passes, Passing in a square, Short passing, Wall passes]


Speed endurance

Strength [Power & Speed]

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis, Progression


U14 - U19

U6 - U13 [Under 09, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12, Under 13]


20 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

1 - 5 players [5 players]

6 - 9 players [6 players, 7 players, 8 players, 9 players]

Form of Training:

Team training, Group training, Individual training

Participating Players:

Whole team


Offensive behaviors, Alone training, Groups

Skill Level:

Professional, Advanced, Beginner

Spatial Behavior:

Limited playing field

Training Location:

Turf field, Forest/meadow, Grass field, Indoor, Asphalt

Author: Christian Titz

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