Passing with two Balls with Opposition

  • Organisation

    4 cones are laid out as hown. One player starts at each cone. Two further players take up their positions within the field so that the make up a triangle with the other players at the cones (see graphic). D and A have a ball each.
  • Process

    The drill starts simultaneously on both sides. A and B and D and F play one-twos. A overlaps the defender B and receives a pass from C and passes on to E who is now at the opposite cone (where he has to be standing after the pass and move from group D,E,F). Player A takes up Bs former position and B that of A. The same sequence runs in the shape of a triangle in the D,E,F group. D and E swap positions in this group. Player C and F should regularly change positions.
  • Tip

    4 cones, Start by running the drill slowly and then speed up. The receiver should always make a small, dynamic dummy run away from or to the side of the ball before receiving the ball. The drill can be extremely tiring when conducted quickly. - Under time pressure (and when done with 2 balls), this drill is very game realistic. - The reciever should call for the ball. - Pass and run timing is important - Players often run faster than their pass. - Don't forget the runs. - Demand good pass precision. - Pass precision is more important than pass speed. - Concentration must be held at all times. - The players will need a certain amount of time until they have mastered the drill. - A good touch and passing skills are required. - Anticipation, awareness, reaction, speed of thought and movement with and without the ball are continuously required.
  • Field size

    25 x 12m
  • Cone margins

    Distance vertical: 25m Distance horizontal: 12m

Training Set

Main point, Progression


20 min


U19, U18, U17, U16, U15


Long passing, One touch passes, Short passing, Wall passes, Ballskill (Touch on the ball), Trapping


Quick anticipation


Power & Speed, Strength endurance, Speed endurance

Training Organization

Number of Players

6 players

Form of Training

Group training, Individual training

Skill Level


Participating Players

Whole team


Alone training, Groups, Offensive behaviors

Spatial Behavior

Limited playing field

Training Location

Asphalt, Forest/meadow, Grass field, Indoor, Turf field

Author: Christian Titz

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