Simple Passing/Control II

  • Organisation

    2 players start behind 2 cones 6 - 8m apart and pass the ball to and fro.



  • Process

    Organisation: Both playres stand behind their cones. Player A passes the ball in a straight line with his left instep to player B. B lays the ball on to his left foot with his right instep and passes back to A with his left foot. A controls the ball with his right foot and passes back with his left. Note: 1 and 3 are the movement of the ball, 2 and 4 are player movements and control.

  • Tip

    2 cones or more, - Always make sure that the correct feet are used to control and pass the ball. - Don't forget to train with both feet. - When controlling the ball, the standing leg is often too far away from the ball. As a result, the player often leans back. The standing leg should be 30-40 cm to the side of the ball. - When passing and controlling the ball the player's foot should be slightly lifted and swung downwards towards the ball.

  • Field size

    8 x 5m (depending upon player ability and number)

  • Cone margins

    Distance 8 x 5 meters (if training with more than two players.)

Training Set



20 min


U07 - U19


Inside of the foot passing, One touch passes, Short passing, Inside of the laces passing, Laces, Outside of the foot, Ballskill (Touch on the ball), Trapping

Training Organization

Number of Players

2 players, 3 players, 4 players

Form of Training

Individual training, Training in pairs

Skill Level


Participating Players

Whole team


Alone training

Spatial Behavior

Limited playing field

Training Location

Asphalt, Forest/meadow, Grass field, Indoor, Turf field

Author: Christian Titz