1 on 1 - Wingers – Wide Area Play

  • Organisation

    • 2 Marker Cones
    • 1 Goal
    • 4 Training Poles
    • Set up 2 training pole-goals of 7 meter width
    • 6-10 Balls
    • Jerseys in 2 different colors (4 each)
    • Construct a pitch of 25 x 45 meters
    • Divide players into 2 teams of 4 field players and 1 keeper each


  • Process

     Player A and Player B, playing for the same team, are positioned at the pole-goals on the far side of the pitch. All other players begin in the penalty area. The exercise starts when the coach passes the ball to either Player A or Player B. Their team plays on the actual goal, the other team attempts to dribble through one of the pole-goals – the result is a 4 on 4 match. A turn is over when a goal is scored, the ball goes out of bounds, is dribbled through a pole-goal, or after 30 seconds have passed. Should the defensive side succeed in their dribbling, both teams switch positions and start the exercise again.

  • Tip

     For Players A and B:

    • Accept passes into your forward movement and increase tempo
    • Engage opposing players in a steep tackle and monitor their movement
    • Abruptly change direction or use a feint to overcome the opposing player
    • Avoid giving your opponent a second chance of a confrontation (maintain speed, cross their pathway with pace and quickly search for a finish)
    • Only move into the middle of the pitch if there is enough open space

Training Set

End, Main point


25 min


U14 - U19, U23+

Training Organization

Number of Players

9 players

Form of Training

Group training, Team training

Skill Level


Author: e2c Training

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