1v1 with Dribbling Corridors

  • Organisation

    • 4 blue cones

    • 5 red cones

    • 5 yellow cones

    Set up the dribbling cones and the rest of the field as described in the graphic.

  • Process

    The yellow player starts the drill by passing to the blue player on the opposite side.

    The blue player then takes his first touch into the blue corridor (marked by cones) and plays a 1v1 sequence against the yellow player.

    If the defender, in this scenario the yellow player, wins the ball, he can score a point by dribbling past the red dribbling line.

    After the sequence, both players will go to the back of the line on the opposite side of their original starting point.

  • Tip

    Coaching Points:

    • Take your first touch forward and keep the tempo high to beat the defender
    • Perform a quick body feint to beat the defender

Training Set

Main point


20 min


U13, U12, U11, U10, U09, U23+


Ball control, Ballskill (Touch on the ball), Dribbling, Feinting/trick dribbling, Trapping


One on one


Soccer-specific endurance

General Training Goals


Training examples

Training Organization

Number of Players

2 players

Form of Training

Training in pairs

Skill Level

Advanced, Beginner

Participating Players

Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders


Defensive behaviors, Offensive behaviors

Spatial Behavior

Limited playing field

Training Location

Asphalt, Grass field, Turf field

Author: Tom Pilarski

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