Central 1v1 Attacking

  • Organisation

    • 4 cones

    • Mark cone-goal on the edge of the penalty box

    • Mark a line for counter attacks 10-15 meters before the penalty box

  • Process

    The striker starts at the counter attacking line and dribbles towards the penalty box.

    The defender, positioned at the edge of the box, holds, takes away the striker's tempo and forces him onto his weak foot or to the side of his weak foot.

    However, if the striker dribbles through the cone-goal, he can shoot on goal.

    But if the defender takes the ball off of him, he himself can score a point by dribbling over the counter-attack line.

  • Tip

    Coaching Points:

    • Striker: High-speed dribbling to beat the defender fast

    • Defender: Hold, take away the striker's tempo, and stay on toes to be able to react to movements quickly

Training Set

Main point


20 min


U13, U12, U11, U10, U17, U16, U15, U14


Ball control, Ballskill (Touch on the ball), Dribbling


One on one


Quick decisioning, Quick processing

General Training Goals


Training examples

Training Organization

Number of Players

2 players

Form of Training

Training in pairs

Skill Level

Advanced, Beginner

Participating Players

Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, Goalie


1 goalie


Defensive behaviors, Offensive behaviors

Spatial Behavior

Limited playing field, Penalty box

Training Location

Asphalt, Grass field, Turf field

Author: Tom Pilarski

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