Crossing Competition | Crossing

  • Organisation

    • 2 goals

    • 6 cones

    • all available balls

    • 16-20 players

    This game will be played in an area with twice the size of the penalty box.

    Players will therefore be divided into two teams with 8-10 players per team.

    2 players of each team will position themselves on the sidelines of the attacking third and cross the balls inside.

    The other players will position themselves to the left and right of their own goals.

    Goalkeepers will position themselves in goal.

    If more than two goalkeepers are available, they can also rotate.

  • Process

    The players will form duos inside their team.

    Each pair will start of the drill and receive a precise cross from the right, before receiving another cross from the left.

    The aim is to score off of the cross via header or shot.

    The balls are all located on the ouside flanks, so the cross-takers have enough to cross them in.

    To force higher intensity and create a  game-realistic situation, the goalkeeper can alternativally play a diagonal ball to the winger.

    He must control the ball, take a touch into space a play a soft but precise cross for the stikers to put the ball away.

    3 rounds of 3 minutes each are being played.

    Whoever scored more goals off of the crosses after 3 minutes, wins the round or ultimately the competition.

  • Tip


    • Headers count twice
    • with defenders; to increase intensity, a defender could try to block sloppy crosses and make it more difficult for the strikers 

    Coaching Points:

    • Crosses should be played sharp and in the air
    • Strikers should position themselves according to defender (if available)
    • Strikers should aim there runs for near and far post
    • Timing while heading the ball is crucial

Training Set



20 min


U19, U18


Crossing/Owning the box, Ballskill (Touch on the ball)


Wing play/Crossing


Speed of movement with ball

Training Organization

Number of Players

> 10 players

Form of Training

Team training

Skill Level


Participating Players

Whole team


2 goalies


Offensive behaviors

Spatial Behavior

Double penalty box

Training Location

Asphalt, Grass field, Turf field

Author: Tom Pilarski

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