Warm-Up in the Centre Circle

  • Organisation

    4 cones in the centre circle

    All available balls

    Form couplets

  • Process

    One player positions himself outside of the circle, the other player is inside of the circle. 

    The player on the outside passes the ball to his partner, who is ca. 2 meters away from him.

    The partner passes the ball back, immediately turns and sprints through the cones.

    Then players in the middle will find new partners and perform the same drill again.

    Players will stay in the middle for 2 minutes before roles switch.


    Low pass
    First touch with chest or thigh

  • Tip

    A combination of performing the drill with intensity and precision is key to getting you warmed up for the training session.

Training Set



10 min


U13, U12, U11, U10, U14 - U19

Training Organization

Number of Players

> 10 players

Form of Training

Team training

Skill Level


Participating Players

Whole team

Author: Tom Pilarski

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