Release 1.7.9

Published 2019/10/26

Push Notifications in easy2coach - English version

We spent months working, tweeting and trying out the new push notifications. As of 2019/10/25, messages will be sent even more intelligently in the e2c Team Manager.

As of this day, you will receive notifications about every important change in your team, and as an admin / trainer you can additionally decide in individual cases whether a push message should be sent.

ATTENTION: Do not forget!

The push notifications function from 2019/10/25 only with the latest app version. Download the latest update of the e2c Team Manager from the Apple Store or Google Play Store directly on October 25, 2019.

So that you can understand the new push notifications, we have included a short video that introduces the notifications.

Release 1.7.5

Published 2019/03/20

Download the latest version

Your dashboard

We have been working for a long time on this one module, which now combines all other modules on a single page. Thousands of coaches have told us that easy2coach is the perfect tool for coaches, but players / parents often felt lost in depth.

Not anymore. If you're a coach, you'll continue to love easy2coach as the new dashboard gives you even more structure and visibility.

If you are a player or parent, you now have all relevant details available on one page.

In the screens below, we'll even show you how to customize your entire menu and the entire dashboard to your preference.

Complexity was yesterday! From today there are no more excuses ūüôā

Release 1.7.3


New Look - New Features

Our app shines before and after login in a new light. We consciously broke away from the rather biased blue tone and opted for a more elegant but also more neutral black in our app. Thus, even teams with other club colors can finally breathe and enjoy our app to the fullest.

In this context, we have also adapted the calendar view fundamentally in the design and speeded up the recording of availabilities and cancellations in the calendar and in the individual event modules. In particular, players can now sign up with just one click.

It was also the top navigation slightly changed. Since you can penetrate quite deeply into the lowest menu levels in our app, a back navigation to the top menu level was always associated with quite a few clicks. This can now be bypassed by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the app. This can be found from the second menu level always in the visible area on the top left and brings you directly back to the last selected main module (main modules are for example calendars, training days, games, tournaments, exercises, etc.)


Create training plans via app

At the beginning we just wanted to integrate a small training plan module in the app, but then we created our first training plan via app and we just had to go for excellence here.

In our view, the result is more than impressive. The options for coaches and entire teams or clubs for training planning are now fully possible via app. Within less than 1-2min an entire training plan can be created. How exactly this works, can be seen below in the attached, uncut video. Looks like training planning can be fun, right?

In the premium membership, you can now use the Edit icon in the upper right corner of the training plan module to create training parts, group groupings, and easily add exercises to the training section.

So if you have forgotten to plan your next training or want to change some exercises at short notice, because maybe fewer players than expected have appeared during the training, you can now easily solve it via app. Just choose whether you want to load an exercise from the database (here are about 500 high-quality exercises waiting for you) or whether you want to load exercises from your private folders. Optionally, you can also create completely new exercises and add them to the training plan.


Schedule line-ups graphically

Unfortunately, it took longer than expected, but finally the graphical lineup is also available in the app. Now you can easily schedule the next game via tablet or smartphone simply by clicking on the player pictures in the lineup. Here you can capture all player relevant data. In the graphic you will see jersey numbers as well as player grades (if you have access to see them). Of course, you can change the formations in the drop-down. If you have entered a free formation in the portal, it will also be displayed accordingly in the app.


Additional new features

Schedule new season via app and delete old teams

The new season 2018/2019 is just around the corner and from now on you can easily create the new season via app. Similar to the portal, you can also take your squad or opponents with you in the new season. You will find this option if you select the desired team in the menu under "My teams" and open it in detail. In the team overview you will find an edit-icon in the top right corner (of course only if you have write-permissions). If you click there, you can create a new season or, if necessary, delete the currently selected team.

In addition, in the months of May, June and July, we will always show you a "Create New Season" button directly in the menu next to your team name, if you have not created a new season yet and you are Super Admin in the respective team.

Copy contacts from other teams

Once you have created your contacts, you should not create the same contact a second time, e.g. while planning the next season or creating a new team. Otherwise, this contact would appear twice or even more often in your contact list.

Instead, you can either manage the teams for a contact in the Contacts module or directly add individual contacts to a specific team via the "My Team" module.

Both methods ultimately lead to the same goal. The same contact is added to different teams. Below, we have once marked you the different places where you can make initiate this contact copying process in the app.

Invitations via WhatsApp

In the past, there was always the problem that some invitations ended up with one or the other user in the spam folder or were inadvertently deleted in the daily e-mail flood. To counteract this problem, you can not only send the invitation via email, but also via WhatsApp message. The invited person can then click directly in WhatsApp on the invitation link, sign-up to easy2coach and join your team.

It is important to note that the invitation is personal. Sharing the invitation in a WhatsApp group with multiple participants should therefore be avoided and instead a private message should be sent to a person via WhatsApp.

Invite contact to all teams at once

If you use easy2coach with several teams, it could happen that you would like to invite a new contact directly as a coach to several teams. From now on, you can easily do this via the invite function. If the contact has the option to be invited by you into several teams, a correspondingly marked button will appear in the invite process.

The invited user just has to accept an invitation and then simply follow the instructions in the app.

Import contacts even faster from the phone address book now

We have made the import even faster. From now on you can directly specify a role when importing contacts from your address book. For example, if you select your entire squad from your address book, you can now directly select the role "Player" and complete the import with a second click. In the past, you had to specify the role individually for each contact. The video below shows you how this works.

Add absences for contacts

Some basic customers have expressed the wish that they would also like to add longer absences or injuries via app as well. We have now activated the absences module in the contact module for basic customers, so that it is now possible without any problems via app.

Create your own exercise folders and use them later for your training days

Did you know that as a portal premium user ( you have the exercise database directly integrated in the Team Manager app as well and thus you can use both, the portal and the apps, in the premium version? Thus, you can also create your own exercise folder very easy in the app.

This is an extremely helpful feature, especially when combined with the new training plan module. So you can create either thematically related folders (for example, only for you relevant exercises for passing game) or you plan, for example, whole preparation units on the folder structure. Below we will show you how this works and how you can use a folder for a training day in detail.

Release 1.7.0


The new app structure is online - build your app as you like it!

It is important to us that you can use easy2coach as it makes the most sense for you.
In the portal you can show and hide individual modules for a long time already, so that in the end you only see what is important to you.

It's clear that a coach will work differently with our app than a player.
Coaches might want to organize their daily business including training sessions, matches and tournaments whereas players are more concerned with managing attendancies/absences and checking their scores in the team-internal ranking.

This is exactly where we start by fundamentally revising the menu navigation in the app so that it is now possible for every user to customize their own app menu.

For this purpose, four modules can now be flexibly selected, which are displayed in a bar at the bottom of the screen, while the remaining modules are stored as usual in the usual menu bar.


The initial setup

At the beginning all users have the same menu with the calendar, the news, the availabilities and the contacts. On the very right side you will find the menu with all other modules.

To customize your app, just click on the menu icon on the bottom right and then on the edit icon on the top right. It opens a window in which you can select your four variable menu items.

This new feature therefore allows each user to tailor their Team Manager app to their specific needs, allowing for user-specific use of the app according to their own needs and preferences.

Example: Coaches


Example: Players


The menu icon defined as "menu item 1" is also the module that will be loaded for you after an app start or login. As soon as you are satisfied with your adjustments, simply click on the save check mark on the upper right margin and your menu will be adjusted for you. Now you can navigate with just one click directly into your desired modules. As usual, all other modules are accessed via the main menu at the bottom right.

The user profile

In addition, we have also cleaned up and expanded the main menu for you. If you click on your name in the main menu at the top, you can now adapt important adjustments to your user profile.

These include, among others:

  • Your absences
  • Your teams
  • User data such as profile picture and password
  • Your personal menu
  • Notification settings
  • Language settings

Four main sections in the menu: (1) My club - (2) My team - (3) Drill database - (4) Settings

We have now divided the individual modules in easy2coach according to the areas "My Club", "My Team", "Drill database" and "Settings".

Under "My club" you will find all modules that are used across teams in a club. These include modules such as the contacts, the polls, messages or notifications.

On the other hand, in the My Team section, you will always find team-related modules, such as Training days, games or tournaments. By clicking on the team name, you can always select a different team to select the respective team modules of the other team.

The last two areas are "Drill database" and "Settings". The drill database can be viewed by premium users in the Team Manager. Thus, the drill app is activated directly in the team manager and of course you can integrate both the drills and your drill folders directly as one of the four variable modules in your menu.

The easiest way would be if you play around with the new menu and let yourself be inspired. Our test users were definitely impressed.


New design of availabilites module

Foolproof management of availabilites

In the menu item availabilites, you will now find a graphic overview of your team member's availabilites which is separated by dates. A vivid pie chart gives you all important information at a glance concerning how many players have already confirmed or cancelled their attendance or how many player's have not yet given any feedback at all. 

There are 3 types of pie charts available which give you different information:

  1. The first chart displays the attendances of players.
  2. The second chart displays the attendances of further contacts.
  3. The third chart displays the total attendances for a given event.

Morover, you can filter the displayed availabilites by time period, teams, roles and types of events.


Tapping a pie chart opens the detailed view of the availabilites for the respective event. Here, you can conveniently edit the attendances of your team members by clicking the icon to the right of the member's name.

This opens a status selection where you just select the respective status and that's it. Merely for absences or injuries, you will have to select a reason for the absence or a specific injury while you can add a comment with more information, if wished. Besides, you can jump directly to the event by tapping the corresponding button.

Proceeding in this manner, editing the availabilites of your team member's will take no time. But if you want to go even faster, there is one more thing you can do: If you tap the edit icon at the top right of the detailed view of an event, you can have the attendances of your team member's be automatically set.

If you wish, for instance, the default availability status of your player's to be set to "confirmed", you can do this here. A player who misses a training session will then have to cancel his participation actively and you, as a coach, will always be informed


Keeping an eye on all absences

If you tap absences in the availabilites module, this opens the overview of your team member's absences. If you tap the team name at the top, you get to choose the team in which you want to check the absences. 

In this overview, the previous absences and injuries of every team member are displayed, as well as   their current availability status. Tapping a contact opens a detailed view where you find all previous absences of the selected contact. You can also switch between all teams of which the contact is a member and thus manage all absences of a contact in one spot.


Via the plus symbol at the top right of the detailed view of a player's absences, you can directly create a new absence or injury for the selected player. This is as fast as it gets

Deadlines for attendances

Last but not least, we have implemented the option to set a deadline for giving feedback with regard to one's participation in an event. If you create a new event, you can choose whether to set a deadline for your players' feedback. This is helplful as it, for instance, helps you to plan your squad for an important match. 

If you have set a deadline, it is displayed to all players who have not yet given any feedback in all views where a feedback can be given. 

As you can see, the new availabilites module in the app gives you maximum overview and control over your players' attendances. Easy as pie.


Are you a parent and do you want to sign in/off for your kids?

A great amount of users has wished for such a function and their wishes have been heard. With our latest update, we proudly present to you this new function: It is now possible to connect a profile to another one so as to allow for the one to manage the other. What this means will be explained now.

At My Team you will find all players of your currently selected team. If you select a player here, this opens his profile in the detailed view. At Teams and Roles, you will find the new item Parents. 

Here, you can define one or several connections for the selected player. These persons can  make decisions for the player at all occasions where the player gets to decide something, be it attendances or surveys. 

This function is especially helpful in the youth area where many parents manage their children's accounts, which is now easily possible in easy2coach without creating a second email address or such. Instead, parents can now manage their children's account from within their own accounts in easy2coach.

Note: This feature is only available in our apps at the moment and will follow in our web portal soon, too.



More than 10,000 football teams can already be found at and the easy2coach Team Manager will round off your planning, organization and communication in your team.

Regardless of whether you want to manage attendance, retrieve thousands of football drills for the next training day, generate statistics on the players or simply want to send notifications to your team, we provide you with all the tools you need to manage your team successfully. Naturally free of charge and always with you on the pitch.

easy2coach Zu- und Absagen

Manage confirmations and attendances

Organize your presence lists on the go or let your players directly confirm or cancel their attendance at training days, games, tournaments or events. Get the overview you need to plan your next practice, game or tournament perfectly

Access your training content at your fingers tips wherever you are

You have your training content, training plans and the daily communication with coaches and players at your fingertips, no matter where your next training takes place.

easy2coach Fußballtraining
easy2coach Spieltage

Record everything instantly

Capture important game details right on the pitch. Whether its goals, player changes, cards, or important information for your players, the easy2coach app allows you to create this data with just a few clicks, and your data is also stored directly on the easy2coach portal.

Team communication

Communicate via the comment feature on each event, and receive updates via PUSH notifications on your mobile phone ‚Äď all without having to deal with chaotic CC-email conversations

easy2coach Teamkommunikation
easy2coach Bestenliste

The leaderboard

The easy2coach leaderboard delivers all the statistics and high-performers on your team. There are points for all performances and you can always reward exceptional performance with bonus points.

The easy2coach team manager -