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New drawing & animation tool end of 2020

After many years you might have heard that the technology called FLASH will simply vanish from the web. Our current drawing and animation tools are fully based on this technology so that we had to make an important decision this year.

Do we exclude the drawing/animation tool fully from our application or do we invest into a brand-new drawing/animation tool?

We decided that we always did and always want to offer you an awesome drawing/animation tool in our applications. This brand-new tool will be released very soon. We are very sure that you will enjoy this new tool which you can use on any computer and, additionally, we invested a lot so that you can use the new tool on any smartphone and tablet (even iOS) devices as well. Isn't that fantastic?

Month ago - you might have noticed - we also started to convert thousands of animations into mp4 video files so that you will be able to enjoy and view those animations even after we release our new tool. We also spend hundreds of hours converting all drawings into .jpg image files so that you can access those files in the future as well.

Since our new tools are based on a complete new technology, you won't be able to edit old drawings or old animations anymore once we released the new tools.

Therefore, we would like to ask you for three things:

(1) Check your animations if a mp4 file exists

  • If you have created animations that you would like to keep, please open the exercise in the web-portal and check if you can see a mp4 file attached to it. If you can see a mp4 file, you do not need to do anything  (Please find an example on how to check for converted animations or mp4 files below).

Otherwise, please share the URL here and our team will convert the animation to a mp4 file for you.

Link to share URL


(2) Check your drawings until December 1st

  • If you want to do any changes on your drawings, please do so until December 1st. Otherwise, they will not reflect in your drawings anymore since we will convert all drawings into jpg files the last time on December 1st.
If you have created animation templates inside the animation tool (e.g. for creating match tactics), those templates will be lost after December 1st, unfortunately.

(3) Review / Backup your animation templates

We tried a lot, but since the technology is completely different and many icons got updated in size as well, we were not able to provide any other solution for templates. We know this might involve a little work on your side to re-enter those templates after we released the new tool, but we are sure you will love the new tool as much as we do. We invested a lot to make easy2coach stable for the future and we hope you will enjoy this path in those difficult times with us.

Stay healthy and all the best. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact our support team at any time.

Best regards

Jörg Pollmeier (CEO easy2coach)

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