Defending 4-4-1 in defensive half

  • Organisation

    half pitch, mark sector in the midfield zone, where will stand 2 central backs (offensive team) against one striker (defensive team)

    OFFENSIVE TEAM:Needs to score

    DEFENSIVE TEAM: defend and move good, get the ball and pass it to the coach

  • Process

    the action starts from the 2 central backs, who passes the ball 2/3 times beetween eachother before to start the action normally. The striker (defensive team) will press amd exchange eventually with another player who is in that moment closer to the ball possessor. In the zone is possible just a 2 v 1

    FOCUS: more on the defensive side. To check that strikers exchanges position correctly while pressing. To check that the defense and midifield lines are dense. Short distant beetween players. hard pressing when player in defender zone gets the ball

Training Set

Main point


15 min

Training Organization

Number of Players

> 10 players

Author: Antonio Console

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