Game Pressing 1v1

  • Organisation

    to organize half pitch with one big goal and 2 small goals. the action start always from the goalkeeper. S means Strikers; M means Midfielders

    DEFENSIVE TEAM: needs to score in one of the 2 goals

    OFFENSIVE TEAM: needs to press in 1v1, get ball back and score

  • Process

    the offensive team (pressing) needs to press 1v1. In a formation 4-3-3, at the moment that goalkeeper is starting the action ball on the ground passing to his central back, one of the midfielder of the offensive team moves to the same line of the strikers, becoming 4 strikers and 2 midfilders. In this way, all strikers are on every man on the defense (4 defenders), 2 midfilders both on the respective 2 midfielders of defensive team, arriving to be 1v1 in all pitch.

Training Set:

Main point


15 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:

Group training

Author: Antonio Console

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