offensive sit. working beetween lines

  • Organisation

    Half pitch. To make a mid zone. 4 defenders outside the mid zone, 4 strikers in the mid zone, sit 3v2 in the build up zone. In the midzone can be played 4v1 so just 1 defender can come in.

  • Process

    the action start from the midfilders who plays 3v2. They need to find the pass to one of the 2 strikers (preferred) or to the wing, in the mid zone. the players in the mid zone can do or an oriented control or a pass with one touch. After that, the action can start normally. When defense get the ball, needs to score in one of the the 2 goals

    TARGET: move beetween the lines and run into the spaces

    OFFENSIVE : unmark beetween the lines, trying to turn face to goal and arrive to finish

    DEFENSIVE: defend dense and exit on the player with the ball without let him turn.


Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


20 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Author: Antonio Console

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