3v1 possession build up

  • Organisation

    Grid 15x15

    2 teams (Red/Yellow) 

    Split team in half so they are on opposite sides of grid.

  • Process

    Yellow team A enters the grid and has to complete 1 pass before trying to pass ball into Yellow team B. Then Yellow team A retreats back to their side and yellow team B enter grid and have to complete 2 passes before passing back into yellow team A. 1 red defender has to try and win the ball and pass the ball back to the red team. Yellow player who loses ball has to remain in grid and red team enters and starts with 1 pass again. First team to complete 10 pass run wins.

  • Tip

    Good angles to recieve pass

    Movement of the ball

    Good first touch away from pressure towards next pass.

    Defender- try and force into a 1v1 and get tight to the ball to make the challenge.

  • Field size

    15 x 15 for 3v1

    20 x 20 for 4v2

    30 x 30 for 5v3

Training Set:





15 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

6 - 9 players [8 players, 9 players]

Form of Training:

Team training

Skill Level:


Author: Simon Davis

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