Footwork - Side positioning - Cut Back Saves

  • Organisation

    Two goalkeepers (One in goal , one on the side)
    Goalkeeper Coach outside of the box

  • Process

    The drill starts with the player positioned on the side, with a ball and the goalkeeper next to the post. There are two possible options :

    Option A: The player tries to score by shooting the ball between the goalpost and the red marker cone. The goalkeeper must maintain his balance and react.

    Option B: The player makes a cut back pass to the coach, who then shoots from outside the box. The goalkeeper must react by taking position quickly , using his footwork, and save the shot. 

    After the completion of the drill the goalkeepers change with those who are playing with the team.

  • Tip

    Focus on the ball, feet movement, Quick positioning, Reaction.

Training Set:

Main point


Adult (from 18 years on), U14 - U19


04 min

Number of Players:

1 - 5 players [2 players]

Form of Training:

Goalkeeper training

Skill Level:


Author: Harris M.

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